Facilities Overview

Project Details

  • Type of Facility: Salt Cavern Storage
  • Location: (Smith and Jasper Counties) Taylorsville, Mississippi
  • Ultimate Working Gas Capacity: 48 Bcf permitted
  • Maximum Daily Injection (Bcf/d): 0.6
  • Maximum Daily Withdrawal (Bcf/d): 1.2
  • In-Service Date: April 1, 2011
  • Rate Structure:  Market Based Rates

Tariff Services:

  • Firm and Interruptible Storage
  • Firm and Interruptible Park and Loan
  • No Notice Storage
  • Interruptible Hourly Balancing
  • Wheeling


The Leaf River Energy Center is a natural gas storage hub consisting of multiple salt caverns and pipeline infrastructure. The caverns are located in Smith County, Mississippi. This project is ideally located to act as a bridge between the shale plays and the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast markets.

Leaf River Customers access six interstate pipelines through an 40 mile, dual 24” pipeline header system that interconnects with Tennessee Gas Pipeline, Destin, Transco, Southern Natural Gas, Midcontinent Express and Gulf South pipelines.

Pipeline Interconnects   Capacity (Mcf/d)
Transco (Zone 4) 840,000
Sonat (Zone 1-Tier 1) 840,000
Destin 280,000
Tennessee (Zone 1-500L) 560,000
Gulf South 280,000
Midcontinent Express 280,000
Venture Oil and Gas 5,000